Our Savior's First Lutheran Church's Leadership and Board  positions are elected positions.  The following members are serving the Congregation and Ministry staff.  They can be reached via their mailboxes in the Church Office; or by calling the Church Secretary at 818-363-9505 or by emailing the Church Secretary at cadmin@osflcs.com.  If you have an interest in joining the Board of Parish Education, Board of Trustees or Board of Stewardship, please contact Ross Hartmann.


Congregational President:  Michael Richards

Congregational Vice President:  John Gannon

Chair, Board of Elders:  Ross Hartmann

               Board Members:  Jeff Bargman, Ross Hartmann, Richard Leman

Secretary/Treasurer: Veronica Parra

Financial Secretary:  Noelle Crabtree

Chair, Board of Evangelism:  Sybille Hartmann

           Board Members:  Sybille Hartmann, Sheri Decker, Joan Warnock

Chair, Board of Parish Education:  Susie Norton

           Board Members:  Susie Norton and Alyssa Hartmann

Chair, Board of Trustees: Noel Younger

                Board Members:  Noel Younger and Brian Brown

Chair, Board of Stewardship:  Ora Tierney



   December 2018   
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